Under the Italian Sky: Navigating your Lodging Options

Amber Jenness

When traveling through Italy, there are many options for places to stay. It’s hard to strike the balance between finding the right location and a reasonable cost, but it is possible. Some common places to stay at in Italy are a Hostel, a Hotel ,a Agriturismo or a B&B. This may be overwhelming not knowing which to choose from, but never fear I have explained below your basic guide to accommodation’s in Italy including helpful phrases and traveling tips!

Where are you going to stay when traveling under the Italian sky?

1. Hostel : “Hostel” in Italian is ostello (aw-stell-oh). Hostels in Italy might be disguised as hotels; similarly, low-priced hotels can be called hostels. Essentially, the main difference between the two are price and privacy(e.g. sharing a bathroom or a room with someone else). Hostels in Italy differ from other places such as they offer room keys, they are clean and well-run. Check out this great booking site for a hostel if your looking for a specific area to stay in. If you are looking for hostels just in Rome you can look into these top rated hostels! Pictured below is the Academy Hostel located in Florence Italy !

Academy Hostel

Academy Hostel in Florence, Italy // image via

2. Hotel : Hotels in Italy do not pronounce the H so it sounds like OH-tell. All hotels have a star ranking. The lower the stars, the less of a chance you have of getting a private bathroom. Stars can range from 1-5 and the prices will go up and down accordingly. Stars are easy to find for hotels , they are located outside the hotel or right when you book it online. It is common for people to go into a hotel and ask to look at a room before they decide if they want it and if they don’t like it they don’t have stay there and can move onto another place with no charge.

Also you don’t have to make reservations for hotels if you don’t want to; they usually have rooms available when you check in. A pensione is another word for hotel it is just a small /cheaper version and usually has a lower star ranking. One of the top places to stay in Rome is the Artemide Hotel (shown below). This hotel is in the center of Rome and just a few minutes walk from some of Italy’s most famous attractions! If you want to know the top 25 hotels to stay in Italy, check this out!

Artemide Hotel

Artemide Hotel located in the center of Rome // image via


3. Agriturismo: This option is basically a farm house. You could either rent the room for a night or an extended period of time, which allows people to stay on a farm. To learn more about this option check out this site! You really want to look at what an agriturismo has to offer such as wine tasting or cooking class for example, each one can offer something different .This is also a cheap place to stay, so sometimes they are listed under hostels on booking sites. If you want to see something other than the city and  have an authentic Italian experience this is a good option for you.

 Kate had a great experience at the Agriturismo check out this blog for a first hand experience! A great Agriturismo to stay at in Tuscany is the Podere Cacciamici.  A great booking site for an Agriturismo is Agriturismo.net!


Agriturismo located in Tuscany Italy //image via

4. B&B: A B&B stands for either a guest house or a bed and breakfast. Many small hotels call themselves a B&B which includes some form of a breakfast. They can be a cheaper alternative to a hotel, but only if a B&B can offer something a hotel can’t. Your typical breakfast would feature usually coffee and a croissant not usually a hot breakfast is offered. You would have to look up what your B&B has to offer for breakfast before booking it. If you’re looking to book a B&B easily, check this site out!


Bed and Breakfast in Arezzo

Helpful Italian phrases to know

 C e una camera a disposizione–  Is there a room available?

Quante persone – How many people?

Quante notti – How many nights?

Ho una prenotazione – I have a reservation.

Riservare– Reserve

La prenotazione – The reservation

La tariffa– The rate, price

La disponibilita – Availability

Albergo – Hotel

Final advice for traveling under the Italian sky

In Italy, the main thing you need to remember is to bring your passport to the hotel otherwise you CANNOT check into a place! Make sure you print out everything; it is more powerful to have a hard copy versus showing it on your phone. To avoid totally standing out, check out these top 10 tourist mistakes when visiting Italy!

Whether you are traveling from Milan to the Amalfi Coast, there are tons of options for you to choose from on where to stay! Just remember: You’re only sleeping and showering there, the rest of your time should be spent out and exploring Italy!

Ciao for now!


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