Taste of Italy: How to Have the Best Cooking Class Experience

Taylor Cox

Attending a cooking class in Italy is definitely one of the best experiences you can have. You will learn everything there is to know about preparing an Italian cuisine. While taking a cooking class is an amazing experience; finding the right one to take can be hard. But these tips should help finding one a little bit easier!


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Mangiamo: 6 Practical Tips for Dining in Italy

Kaydee Culclasure and Kira Elton

Dining in Italy is truly a great experience. The food and drink are incredible and the atmosphere ties everything together as one of the best things to do while visiting Italy! To gain a truly iconic Italian experience, what better place to do so than at one of the many restaurants? That being said, there are several things that you need to know before you dine in Italy.

1) Attempt to Communicate in Italian: Most waiters are accustomed to working with tourists in medium to large cities across Italy, however it is important to attempt to communicate in the language to show that you’re willing to try instead of expecting them to cater to you. Don’t worry; it’s scary at first but it’s the thought that counts and it gets easier the more you do it.
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6 Tips When Buying Groceries At An Italian Market

Amanda Most

Just like we’re familiar with back home, the people of Arezzo go to a market (or in American words, grocery store) to buy a variety of household items and food. Although it might look similar at a first glance, once you start exploring you’ll realize it’s very different. When shopping, it might be a little confusing trying to find certain things since all of the labels are in Italian but luckily, the locals are very helpful and friendly. Follow these six tips are you’ll be buying groceries just like an Italian!


Customers purchasing their items at the registers.

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Orvieto: Why You Should Go and What You Should See!

Carleigh Begin

The historic and beautiful Tuscan city of Orvieto is a must see if you come to Italy. The quaint town is full of handmade ceramic shops, delicious food, and ancient man made caves. Although there are many small, quintessential towns to explore in Italy, Orvieto is one that you should definitely experience once in your lifetime!

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Under the Italian Sky: Navigating your Lodging Options

Amber Jenness

When traveling through Italy, there are many options for places to stay. It’s hard to strike the balance between finding the right location and a reasonable cost, but it is possible. Some common places to stay at in Italy are a Hostel, a Hotel ,a Agriturismo or a B&B. This may be overwhelming not knowing which to choose from, but never fear I have explained below your basic guide to accommodation’s in Italy including helpful phrases and traveling tips!

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How to: A Guide to Visiting an Italian Opera

Kaydee Culclasure

Opera is one of the most iconic attractions of Italy. Originating in Florence, Italy, opera has been a popular form of entertainment for about 400 years. When visiting Italy, it is the perfect activity for a night out. Here’s a quick history of opera.

I love musicals. So naturally, I was thrilled to learn that our study abroad group would be attending one in Rome during our trip! No, musicals and operas are not even close to the same thing, but I enjoy romance and music and acting, so I was definitely looking forward to this activity from day one. I’ve never been to an opera, so I had to figure out how to dress and act for the event. Here are some thing’s I’ve learned.

Inside the Teatro la Fenice in Venice, Italy

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The Top 4 Must See Churches In Rome

Stephen Markee

If you have never visited Rome, your eyes will light up by the overwhelming beauty of the cities churches. The city that birthed the modern Christianity we know today, holds a total of close to 900 churches. That being said, it is impossible to visit every single church with only one short visit to Rome. As you flood the streets of Rome, with churches on every corner, you will be amazed at the sizes, structures, and beauty of each building as they all hold their own story and interesting facts. Surely you will be astounded by the frescoes, sculptures and paintings each church presents.


View of the many churches in Rome // image via

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Navigating an Italian City

Carleigh Begin & Taylor Cox 

Navigating any new city can be difficult, especially one where no one speaks your language. Even though that may seem difficult, Italy has so much to offer and teach us. From cafés to gelato, it is impossible to not enjoy yourself. After a few days of exploring, we’ve come up with our best advice for safe and easy travels around any Italian city!

Welcome to Arezzo

Welcome to Arezzo

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Italy Survival Guide Overview

Mark A. Flynn, Ph.D.

Benvenuto (Welcome) to the Italy Survival Guide blog!

Over the next three weeks, students enrolled in COMM 150: Media, Self, and the World through Coastal Carolina University will be documenting their experiences, developing blogging skills, and producing a practical guide for any traveler looking to explore Italy! I would like to start by telling you a bit about why we are embarking on this blogging journey, where we are staying, and what we will blog about. Continue reading